We’re lucky to have a woman in our church who loves to celebrate all holidays with lots of decorations, food, and fun. The decorating that she does at home for Christmas is legendary in our community. Not only that, but she really likes to organize parties; so she has taken on the job of organizing parties for our Sunday school children.

Normally, for Halloween, the kids have a hot dog feed at the church, in the decorated basement of the church or in the Sunday school  building(nothing scary). Then they play games, and finally they get to go Trick or Treating. This is done in our church parking lot. Church members decorate their car trunk with Halloween-themed decorations and the kids go from trunk to trunk for treats.

This year the plan is a bit different. Most all our children are all older (10-16) so we have a new idea to try out. After the hot-dog feed, there will be a scavenger hunt. Eight or nine members, who live near the church, have volunteered to be at home on Halloween evening. The kids will travel from house to house in an effort to find the items on their list. Various kinds of canned food items will make up that list. Those food items gathered by the kids will be donated to Colton Helping Hands; a local food bank. I’m sure that prizes will be involved. The scavenger hunt promises to be fun for the kids and beneficial for the community.


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