We’re a small, friendly, active church with a big heart.

Note:  In order to ‘Do No Harm’ during the Coronavirus pandemic, our in-person worship services have been restricted to 10 people or less in the church.  Due to our small size and lots of interaction we have decided to adopt “virtual” worship services using the Zoom platform with up to 10 people in the church and the remainder participating from home thru Zoom.  If you would like to participate in our virtual worship services, please send an email to newsletter@clarkesumc.org asking to be invited to our virtual Sunday worship service.   Our goal is to allow those who would like to the ability to be in the church once a month with the other Sundays being able to participate via Zoom.

Here are our most recent recordings of our virtual services:

>Worship in church – 11/22/2020
>Worship in church – 11/15/2020
>Worship in church – 10/25/2020
>Worship in church – 10/18/2020
>Roy Houston Celebration of Life on 10/16/2020
>Worship at Ringo Pond – 9/6/2020

During this season of staying at home, we are also continuing to promote community and worship by publishing a weekly Newsletter with news about members, uplifting stories, a sermon for the week ahead and other things of interest to our church community.  If you would like to be included in this weekly mailing, please send an email to newsletter@clarkesumc.org.

Pastor Marty Williams

Please join us for our Sunday Service which begins at 9:00 AM.

18773 S. Windy City Rd, Mulino, Oregon 97042

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