At our church, summer camp is considered an important activity. We have a campership fund which is used to help pay part, or all, of the cost of camp for the children in our congregation. They may attend their choice of one of the many Methodist Camps in Oregon. Suttle Lake Methodist Camp is one of the camps where our kids choose to go. Because of this, we have developed a relationship with this camp.

Members of our congregation have donated their time to the Suttle Lake Camp in various ways. Some have worked as counselors or as the camp nurse or as a cook in the camp kitchen or as Dean of the Nature Camp program which was developed by a woman who is a member here. We have adopted a cabin, Cabin #9, and have repaired it inside and out. We have also built a very pretty worship area which has a view of the lake and a crafts pavilion. The pavilion had to meet the design requirements of the Forest Service. The structure is built from logs. The pavilion expenses were paid with a donation from a long-time member of our church. We find that not only does the camp itself benefit from our work but so do we. For both children and adults, the fellowship and the opportunity to spend time in such a beautiful location are real blessings.

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