Colton, Oregon is a small town located just a few miles from Mulino, Oregon; where our church is located. Usually, on the first Sunday of the month, our church members bring food to church to donate to the Colton Food bank. Usually, one of our members is in contact with the people who run the food bank so that we can donate a specific item which is in short supply. A couple from our church transports the donated food to the pantry and usually stays to help while the food is being given out. It is just another way that our members reach out to those who need help in our local community.

Each month a message is sent out on the Prayer Chain to let our congregation know what food item is needed at Colton. If you would like to participate in this donation, please feel free to contact our Pastor or you may join the Prayer Chain to receive Prayer Requests and information about the monthly donation to the Colton Food Bank.


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