Love Inc. is a Christian outreach group which is made up of many churches of many denominations in cities across the United States. These churches have joined forces in order to provide help for families in need. The member churches provide household items, clothing, simple home repair, and counseling. Whether it is help for grandparents who suddenly find themselves raising a grandchild or for a family whose house has burned down, or perhaps it is a request for a ramp to be built so that a wheelchair-bound person can leave their home, Love Inc. has worked to create connections which allow them to help fulfill the request. Each church chooses a special area of help on which to focus. When that specialty is needed, Love Inc. contacts the church.

At Clarkes UMC, we chose to have a blanket ministry. We collect and store blankets of all sizes. When Love Inc. has a family in need of blankets, our contact person receives a phone call and delivers the blankets as needed. Our United Methodist Women’s group donates money for new blankets and collects clean usable blankets at our annual rummage sale each year. The blankets are stored in a space generously provided by our local Clarkes Grange. We are always happy to receive new blankets or used blankets that are in good shape. We also receive calls from Love Inc. when someone in our area needs a ramp built or some sort of simple house repair and have been able to help occasionally in that way.

If you would like to participate by donating blankets or becoming involved in some other way, please use the Contact Us link or feel free to attend one of our church services. If you would like more in-depth information about Love Inc., please visit their website.


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