Message from the Pastor

Message from Pastor Tom

We proclaim a gospel that is exquisite in its beauty, truth and love.  I urge you to believe the Gospel and allow it to transform your life.  It is transforming mine.

Come to worship, draw on the thought content contained in the sermon and liturgy, ask questions, enjoy the fellowship, and take in the body and blood of Christ on the first Sunday of the month when we share communion.  It will change you if you let it and you will find an abundance of life you did not know possible.

This is not something trite and shallow; lacking in substance and soon rusting through.  It is real, grounded in history and of such power that it is in the process of changing everything.  I can’t find words adequate for describing what we, as a community have been hooked into.  And the hooking is not something we do ourselves, it is from outside ourselves and already accomplished.


God’s Peace,

Pastor Tom

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